Shooting the Breeze with Shea Carver

Focus on the Coast
Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shea Carver - her confidence honed after a decade of competitive dance - never suspected, when she accepted a job with Encore magazine right out of college, that her mentor, John Stanton, might have been right when he warned if she took a full-time job, she might never want to leave.

                     photo: Jason Armond

Now Features Editor at the Star News, John held the editorial helm at Encore during Shea's internship during her last semester at UNCW.  Knowing her plans for graduate school in California, he told her to go to Berkeley right away. "And here I am thirteen years later," Shea said. "Working for a local alternative-weekly, you're much more connected to people that matter in your life than if you worked for Rolling Stone. Don't get me wrong: That's still my dream. And I have been able to interview all the bands I wanted to talk to. Maybe not go on tour with them [laughs], but John was right, I really got connected to the community. In fact, I haven't written about music now for a few years. Interviewing artists, chefs and others made me realize I was most interested in people's stories."

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