Joel Randolph Finsel is an American writer.

With author John Jeremiah Sullivan, Finsel helped found the Cape Fear Research Center. A sample of their collaborate work is available here: 'Though the Heavens Fall.' 

Finsel has also been a professional barman for over two decades. During the modern cocktail renaissance, he was named Philadelphia's "Rising Star Mixologist" and "one of the top ten bartenders in the nation." His memoir about coming of age behind bars is called Cocktails & Conversations from the Astral Plane.

His articles and recipes have appeared in Cosmopolitan, DevourThe Oxford American, SALT, Playboy.com, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and other publications. He is currently writing a book about the medicinal history of cocktails.

Finsel is also co-author of Franz Kline in Coal Country, forthcoming from Fonthill in 2019.

His eBiography about artist Edward Sterling Meneeley is available here: Swimming Named at the Y.

Finsel also consults with restaurant and bar owners in various capacities, everything from designing innovative menus and training staff, to representing brands at national conventions like Tales of the Cocktail and event catering.

Email him with comments and questions at joelfinsel[at]gmail.com.