SET FORTH: Thumbing with the Founder of the Great Hitchhiking Race

The summer issue of the Oxford American includes my profile of Aaron Bell, as I trailed him during last summer's race from Texas to North Carolina. If you ever wanted to learn how to hitchhike (or may already be a seasoned pro and just want an excuse to get back out there) and are comfortable with camping for a few nights near some beautiful waterfalls at the finish line, snag a copy to find out more. You'll be glad you did. The issue is full of stories about journeys paired with evocative art. Take it on the road with you. This year's race, the 12th annual, begins July 8.

Cover painting  “Cutlass with iPod” by Cheryl Kelley

On newsstands June 13th.

"Cocktails & Conversations from the Astral Plane," Live!

-Click to watch the live performance 

It was an honor to have my book adapted for the stage by Zach Hanner, Artistic Director of THEATRENOW. The show ran for six weeks and brought back a lot of beautiful memories. 

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Special thanks to producer Alisa Harris, Chef Denise Gordon, and the cast: Jacob Keohane, Reid Clark, Kai Knight, Ruth Golsteyn, Zeb Mims, Blake Howard, Lupin Byers, and Sandy Vaughan.